Audio Recordings of Edward C. Banfield

In late 1977, Stephen Smith, a journalist, interviewed Edward C. Banfield and many persons who knew him, for an article intended for Esquire magazine.  Smith kindly gave the tapes of his interviews to the Banfield family. Below are selections from these tapes.

Recording #1 (32+ minutes)

With the family dog, Sashi, at his side, Edward C. Banfield speaks of his farm, his childhood, neighbors, early employment, how he ended up attending the University of Chicago and studying planning and cities, Rexford G. Tugwell, Martin Meyerson, James Q. Wilson, and his first books.

Recording #27 (22+ minutes)

Edward C. Banfield speaks of his Harvard colleagues, problems America may face (hedonism, loss of virtue, nihilism), liberalism as theory and policy, human nature, “Policy Science as Metaphysical Madness,” free markets, his desire to research new topics, and Bonnie Bluestein (a student who disrupted his classes at both Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania).